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The Original Macintosh:    80 of 125 
Steve Wozniak University
Author: Andy Hertzfeld
Date: September 1983
Characters: Burrell Smith, Steve Wozniak
Topics: The Launch, Personality
Summary: Burrell's educational credentials

The launch of the Macintosh was finally scheduled for January 24, 1984, so we had to start preparing for it in the fall of 1983. Steve decided to anoint some of the engineers plus a few others as the official "Macintosh Design Team", and we had to be prepared to be interviewed by the press. Some magazines had lead times of more than three months, so interviews were scheduled as early as October.

As part of the preparations, the Regis McKenna press liasons (known as the Rejettes) asked each of us to fill out a questionnaire that included the standard questions like date and place of birth, degrees, etc. They were going to be used as the basis for a fact sheet that would be handed out to the press.

Burrell, who didn't have a college degree, didn't know how to answer the "College Attended" question. He thought about it for a moment and then came up with the perfect answer: "Steve Wozniak University". In some fashion, we were all graduates of Steve Wozniak University.

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