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Close Encounters of the Steve Kind
Author: Tom Zito
Date: September 1983
Characters: Steve Jobs, Donald Knuth, Lynn Takahashi
Topics: Personality, Inspiration
Summary: Steve Jobs meets Donald Knuth

Steve had managed to get Don Knuth, the legendary Stanford professor of computer science, to give a lunchtime lecture to the Mac team. Knuth is the author of at least a dozen books, including the massive and somewhat impenetrable trilogy "The Art of Computer Programming." (For an amusing look at Knuth's heady self image, and his $2.56 reward program, see http//

I was sitting in Steve's office when Lynn Takahashi, Steve's assistant, announced Knuth's arrival. Steve bounced out of his chair, bounded over to the door and extended a welcoming hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor Knuth," Steve said. "I've read all of your books."

"You're full of shit," Knuth responded.

Cut, Paste and Crash
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