The Newton, The First PDA
Anecdotes about the development of the Newton, the world's first PDA (11 stories)
“It's always necessary to seek for perfection. Obviously, for us, this word no longer has the same meaning. To me, it means: from one canvas to the next, always go further, further...” -- Pablo Picasso

I find this interesting as an owner to a (now broken unfortunately) MP 130. I always preferred the cursive recognition as it was more accurate with me personally, but I was cleaning out a bin and I chanced upon something funny I scribbled on paper regarding my Newt. Most of the time, after owning it a while, it was for most part balls-on-exact with recognizing my writing (which is a huge feat considering that I'm dysgraphic). But every so often she'd go all "egg freckles" on me and spur a really funny interpretation (probably when memory or battery was low and things were lagging out it seemed). That was the scribbled contents of this paper that I found today. According to this paper, I wrote: "Sync Newton with computer. Don't let Newton overwrite Mac entry" Resulting translation: "Spur Weirton melt pollen don't let hurling over crumbs Mars entry." Pretty epic, huh?

I find it interesting that the Newton dictionary had the word Putz in it...