The Original Macintosh
Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh, and the people who made it (123 stories)
“There's only one rule in user interface design: Make the user happy.” -- Bill Atkinson

Interesting story. I think there is a typo and the line “(I also did a fsimple ighting video game…” should be “( I also did a simple fighting video game…”. That said, the last paragraph makes me think how those terrible patent troll companies act very differently than William did with John Warnock…

Around 1972 there was a FORTRAN program at our computer center that could generate high-resolution text posters. It was all based on equations so the characters could be printed at any resolution, no font bitmaps anywhere to be seen.

This story is available in audio format, complete with a clip of Andy himself retelling the story!

I love seeing that there is a new post or comment on this site. Great to read all the stories, especially about when new products were developed.

Hey, great to see that you are back writing new anecdotes. I love your website. Keep it coming :)

It seems Apple recreated the flag to fly over their Infinite Loop headquarters for its 40th anniversary. I wonder whatever happened to the original? See

It's an honor to even comment on here!

This is legendary stuff right here! Watched the steve jobs 2015 movie : )

This story is available as an MP3:

Andy, I remember reading "How many times have you dropped acid?" rather than "How many times have you taken LSD?". Did you change it? If yes, would you change it back to the original? Let people google for what’s dropping acid. - Anay

still reads good

This story is available as an MP3:

This story is available as an MP3:

This story is available as an MP3:

I (Donald Mathers) worked at Apple from 1981 - 1985 and I still own the Alice game, box and all! I wonder what it's worth today (November 2020). Would anyone like to buy it? Let me know at Thanks!

An MP3 version of this story with audio clips from Andy and Jef Raskin is available at:

An MP3 version of this story is available at:

The most informative article on Wikipedia about this symbol seems to be the one titled ”Looped square”:

Thanks for sharing the story very inspiring one.

I just came across an interview with Burrell in Doug Clapp's "The Macintosh Reader":