The Original Macintosh
Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh, and the people who made it (95 stories)
“The real romance is out ahead and yet to come. The computer revolution hasn't started yet. Don't be misled by the enormous flow of money into bad defacto standards for unsophisticated buyers using poor adaptations of incomplete ideas.” -- Alan Kay

Andy Hertzfeld:  (95)
Andy started at Apple in August 1979 as Apple employee #435. He was one of the main authors of the Macintosh system software working on the core operating system and the User Interface toolbox, as well as most of the original desk accessories. He later went on to co-found three companies: Radius (1986), General Magic (1990) and Eazel (1999). He is also the main author of the Folklore website you're currently reading.
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The Macintosh's first multi-tasking environment
October 1984
Andy Hertzfeld
Software Design, Technical, Compensation
The reason that Steve parks in the handicapped space
Andy Hertzfeld
Personality Clashes,Personality
Burrell quits Apple, but fails to live up to his threat
February 1985
Andy Hertzfeld
Management, Quitting
I continued to work on the Font Manager even after I left Apple
March 1985
Andy Hertzfeld
Software Design,Technical,Personality,Allnighters,QuickDraw
The Mac division undergoes an inconceivable reorganization
May 1985
Andy Hertzfeld
Management,Personality,Personality Clashes,Quitting
The sad story of MacBasic
June 1985
Andy Hertzfeld
Software Design,Management
The story of how this site turned into a book
January 2004
Andy Hertzfeld
Commentary, The Book
Eulogy for Brian Howard, Macintosh hero, 1944-2010
February 2010
Andy Hertzfeld
Apple Spirit, Eulogy
Here are some of our worst mistakes
Andy Hertzfeld
Hardware Design, Software Design, Technical
A visual history of the development of the Lisa/Macintosh user interface
Andy Hertzfeld
Origins,User Interface,Early Programs,Lisa,QuickDraw,Software Design
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